At Kingshurst Music Services, we pride ourselves in providing top quality, professional scoring and arrangement services to meet any need. Every music preparation need is catered for, from transcription of all audio sources or MIDI data, score editing for publication or session recording, arrangements for any ensemble, to custom transposition of any song. Our working background in music performance ensures that every effort is made to provide clear, easy to read scores and parts for any single or multi-instrumental work. As experienced orchestrators we will work with you to ensure your musical vision is fulfilled.

We Offer a Professional Music Transcription, Arranging, Transposition and Score Editing Services.


  • Turn your music into clear and elegant scores.
  • Music Transcription Service.
  • Song Transcription Service.
  • Music Arrangement.
  • Song Transposition.
  • Music Engraving.
  • Keyboard Reduction.
  • Film Score Preparation.